ReMarked Trail: Dammit, Rusty!

Click to make the strip as large as the void where Rusty's soul used to be.
You work so hard to raise a kid with the right values and still somehow everything manages to go off the (t)rails. I blame the internet.

Anyway, Mark Trail and his misbegotten offspring are the property King Features and the original strip is the work of Ed Dodd, Jack Elrod, and James Allen. This parody is done in loving tribute to their work.

RIP Howard Finkel, the Greatest Ring Announcer of All Time

I was so sad to hear this past Thursday that Howard Finkel had passed away. 

As the WWF / WWE's main ring announcer for so many years, he was one of the definitive voices of my childhood and beyond. The way he'd hit "NEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" when announcing a title change gave it so much additional importance. 

And it was especially awesome when an Intercontinental Champion was crowned, or as the Fink would say it, INNNNNN-tercontinental Champi-OOONNNNNN!" 

If ever a human being could be said to own a word or two, Fink owned those two. 

RIP Howard Finkel. Let the bell ring 10 times.