Spiders and Supers - More Lego Creations

I've been watching a lot of the Toei Company Spider-Man TV series (a.k.a. Supaidaman, a.k.a. Japanese Spider-Man, a.k.a. the one where Spidey has a giant transforming robot) from the late 70s recently (thanks, Cape Television!), and because of the way my brain is programmed I started thinking about how I could realize these characters in Lego form.

"I am the emissary of HELL! And I shall fight this great evil for fate of ALL spiders!"

The "Emissary from Hell," Spider-Man himself, was relatively easy, of course; I just had to take a normal Spidey minifig (one of the most ubiquitous minifigs of any Lego line) and add a 1-by-1 round stud with a hole for his web-shooter / communicator / Spider-changer / space bracelet thingy.  It wouldn't stay on his arm very well without popping out the hand, so - SHHHHHH!!! -  I had to resort to some Kraggle. Don't tell the makers of The Lego Movie on me.

Professor Monster's staff is basically already made of Lego

The series' main villain Professor Monster was a lot easier to pull together than I was expecting thanks to having an abundance of space and Ninjago figures kicking around from when the kiddo was younger.

One of my favorite things about Amazoness is her secret identity as a newspaper editor, so she's kinda-sorta the JJJ of this version of Spider-Man!

Assistant villain / henchwoman / the one who does most of the evil heavy lifting, Amazoness - which, as a name, sounds cool but that feminizing suffix seems silly given than the Amazon warriors for whom she is named already were female, but whatever - was also less of a challenge than initially thought thanks to that bodice torso from Old West dress-wearing Wyldstyle from the first Lego Movie minifigure line.

And she can accessorize with the best of 'em. Let's see Jonah pull off this look!

Add a Wonder Woman hair and tiara piece and you get her later-in-the-series look, too.

Every episode, Professor Monster and Amazoness send out some sort of creature called a Monster BEM to do their bidding and drive the plot, right up until the point near the end where they grow to giant size and get taken out by Spidey's robot, Leopardon. Like every other tokusatsu / sentai show monster, they're all have some kind of goofy theme to them. This guy isn't based on any one Monster BEM in particular, I just like the idea of a punk rock space bug.

As for said giant robot Leopardon (or his spaceship form, Marveller)...

Yeah, I'm not ready for that yet.  Someday, though!

So even if I had to stop with the Japanese side of the Spider-Verse, I still wanted to play around in that sandbox a bit, so I made a female Spidersona to pal around with the Orbweaver... possibly to represent a spider-powered Mary Jane since we already have a Spider-Gwen, but also maybe my wife because her hair is auburn like this.  Either way, here's Tarantulass:

And because I've been playing the Spider-Man PS4 game since Christmas, here's running-joke-turned-actual-character-in-Spider-Geddon, Spider-Cop:

A little different than as-presented in Spider-Geddon, but given the parts I had I'm happy with how he turned out.

Finally, I've made some tweaks to my Supermobile build... I found better connectors for the fists, I added the scope thing for vision powers and a control panel to the cockpit, and found stickers that worked for the nose and the tail fin.  I'd love to revisit this someday and make a version with fewer or no visible studs, but overall I'm very happy with Version 1.

Getting the arms right was the most important thing. It's the arms that make it so lovably goofy.

Also, branding is important!

Happy I found something to work for the scope. If I could only have figured out a way to work in the tube for his super breath!

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