They said it couldn't be done, or maybe that it shouldn't be - a Lego Supermobile!

I love the Supermobile. Wholly. Deeply. Unironically. It is almost entirely unnecessary (unless there's Kryptonite or red sun radiation going on and Superman needs something that will both shield him and act as something through which to focus his powers, and - COME! ON! - it's comic books, that's a typical Tuesday), but it captured my heart from an early age (probably with one of those big hands on either side) and a love that pure lasts a lifetime.

I met Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez at a con a few years ago and told him - at length - how much I love this cover. I'm probably the only person to ever do so and I take great pride in that.

I still have my original small Corgi toy from when I was a kid and one day hope to find the larger one at a decent price, but what I've really wanted for a while was a Lego version. They released a take on it a few years ago as part of their Mighty Micros line, and that's fun...
This set also comes with Bizarro's version, which of course is backwards. Clever touch!

...but I've really wanted a proper kit.  As we're not likely to get an official release (though we sort of got the Spider-Mobile this year, so never say never), I figured I'd have to make my own one day.  A few other AFOLs (Adult Fans of Lego) were similarly inclined and have also made their own, and those are quite good as you can see here and here. The latter even includes instructions and a parts list if you want to make that particular model. I liked them both and have had the instructions stashed away for a couple of years now, but I've never found the time or patience to crawl through all my Lego bins to piece it out, or go to Bricklink or someplace and buy the individual elements I'd still be missing.

The other night, though, I was looking for a way to unwind that would still keep my brain active and problem-solvey, so I figured what the hell... I'd use those other builders' examples as inspiration but try and piece together a version using just whatever I had on hand. For a first attempt, I'm pretty happy with the results:

A lot of AFOLs these days try to hide the studs as much as they can, and maybe one I'll attempt to with this as well, but honestly that part never bothers me much, I like the Lego-ness of the visible studs. The cockpit's tight, but I'm mostly okay with that, I just need to fit in controls or, preferably, that scope Superman focuses his vision powers through. I'm really happy with the fists, I just need something they can connect to more tightly... nudge this thing just right and they pop off in either direction! I really need to find a better solution for the rockets in the back, and of course I need to get or make some Superman logo stickers for the front and the tail fin.

But still... for a first attempt that didn't send me off to hunt for or purchase specialized pieces, I'm pretty happy with this iteration. A few tweaks here and there and I'll really be on to something. I still wouldn't turn down a proper set from Lego, mind you, but this will hold a place of honor on the shelves in my nerd cave for quite some time, I think.