Literally Anyone Can Make Comics: Kirby's 100th (or, Something, Something Darkseid)

It wasn't my intention to post a second comic so soon, but I couldn't miss Jack Kirby's centennial.

Much has been said about the King's reach, scope, and influence on comics, and every word of it is true. Jack has inspired everyone who has had even tangential connection to the form, and will continue to do so for as long as people have eyes and imagination. Probably longer.

My tribute is... lacking, we'll say, but I hope Jack would appreciate the attempt if not the execution. But I learned that Kirby Krackle is really fun to draw, so there's that.

Happy 100th, Jack Kirby, and thanks.

Literally Anyone Can Make Comics - Intro and Aliens

Like every comics fan ever, I have always wanted to make comics.

Like a giant portion of them, I had a million and one reasons why I couldn't.

I can't draw for crap, I hardly ever write anymore, my sense of humor could charitably be called esoteric, etc.

But you ask any comics creator, amateur or professional, how you get started making comics and the answer is always the same: you make comics.

All of which is to say that I got to the other side of 40 and decided I wanted to make comics, if only for myself.  I got one of those tiny Comic Note Books from the Unemployed Philosophers Guild and just started doodling around to make myself laugh.  I shared one on Instagram and a few of my friends laughed, so I've been sharing more.

The art is terrible, the lettering is worse, and honestly I'm probably only making myself laugh, but I figured what the hell, I'd keep sharing them as they come along.  And rather than make a whole new place for them, I figured they'd make a fine addition to the Trusty Plinko Stick family of products since this blog has been lying fallow too long and I've been wanting to give it a kick in the pants with a variety of new projects anyway.

With any luck, someday they'll at least be legible. Maybe I'll even learn to ink eventually.

So, anyway... Literally Anyone Can Make Comics #1 - Aliens!

THUMP THUMP THUMP... is this on? Is anyone out there?

Hey, some actual honest-to-Kirby content coming later today.

Watch this space.

Assuming you're still watching at all.