Mike Quackenbush on The Art of Pro Wrestling

If you're a fan of professional wrestling, or if you wonder what it is that makes a person become a fan of professional wrestling in the first place, you owe it to yourself to watch this short talk from Ignite Philly 16 (an event comparable to TED) by wrestler/trainer/promoter/author/podcaster Mike Quackenbush.  Watch it right now (I'll wait):

I've tried to explain (and, yeah, justify) my love for pro wrestling through the years to numerous people, and I've hit on similar points to those that Mike brings up, but he brings it all together in a way I've always wished I could (and now don't have to, because I can just send them the link... thanks, Mike!).  I was particularly enamored of the way he compares wrestling to live-action comics, and especially his description of it as "performance art," which is easily one of my favorite comparisons ever (my very favorite was said to me recently by friend Jenny, who called it "violent ballet").

Yes, it's unbelievably larger than life, and yes, results are usually pre-determined, but those factors only take away from the artistry and athleticism if you allow them, too.  Besides, everything - even sports - is better with a narrative.

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