Sometimes you want to hear current Doctor Who moments performed by classic series Doctors. It's a thing.

I've had my issues with how Steven Moffat has handled Doctor Who has the showrunner, but the man does write a good monologue, and he gave some particularly memorable ones to Matt Smith. And while Smith delivered them well, it's fun to imagine sometimes what they would sound like coming from other Doctors.

Well, thanks to convention panels and YouTube, you don't have to imagine them at all. Want to hear the Pandorica speech at Stonehenge full of the trilling Rs of Sylvester McCoy?

Or the cool, calm, Big Finish-esque delivery of Paul McGann?

How about the closing monologue from The Day of the Doctor as intoned by the grand, dulcet voice of Colin Baker?

Or, once again, from Paul McGann?

Peter Davison reading the Doctor's "goodbye" to young Amelia Pond in The Big Bang? Done.

How about Colin Baker reading the Doctor's impassioned speech from The Rings of Akhaten?

There are more, of course, but these should scratch the itch for now. But if anyone out there manages to get video of Tom Baker reading the Pandorica speech, you let me know ASAP.

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