Pretty Sketchy: Boldly Going Nowhere for Comic Non 2015

Didn't make it to Comic-Con?  Well, you can still find some great original comic book art at Comic-Non thanks to the internet.  You can even dress in costume to do so if you want... or just sit around in your boxers.  Comic-Non is a judgment-free safe space, you guys.

Anyway, I helped ease the pain of being unable to attend SDCC by ordering this a few weeks back from a site called Anthony's Comic Book Art (click to enlarge it to the size of Captain Kirk's headache):

This is page 21 of DC's Star Trek (v1) #48 - pencils by Tom Sutton, inks by Ricardo Villagran, lettering by Helen Vesik, and snarky James T. Kirk dialog by the Writer of Stuff himself, Peter David (writing his first issue of Star Trek).  The set-up is that the crew was throwing a bachelor party for one of the created-for-the-comics ensigns, things got out of hand because Scotty, Bones, and Chekov all spiked the punch, and Kirk walked in just as someone angrily lobbed a bottle across the room.  Hence the bandage and the threats.

I loved this page as soon as I saw it... you get a shot of the Enterprise (which looks like it's talking), some shots of the crew (including Arex!) well-rendered by Sutton and Villagran, and a JTK speech that is equal parts anger, inspiration, and snark.  This helps ease the whole "left behind" thing a bit.  Thanks, Anthony!

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