Come eat these sour grapes with me (Or, left home again for nerd prom)

Tried this weekend to score tickets to San Diego Comic-Con 2015 (or Comic-Con International I suppose the proper name is, but come on, it'll always be SDCC) and, well...

It was the outcome I was expecting, truth be told, but still disappointing.

Not that I'm mad at the folks who run SDCC, mind you.  Interest exceeded availability, and a lot of people are going to be left out.  I get that, and good for them (and the larger geek-related world) for that.  And the ticketing system they instituted last year (when I also failed) and further refined this year sounds much better (or is at least easier to work with) than the "constantly refreshing multiple browser windows in the hopes of getting connected" method people have had to use in the past.

I think it's just that if there's one place a person like me - people like us! - shouldn't feel left behind the velvet rope, it's Comic-Con.  But that's the price of the rest of the world finally realizing that our stuff is awesome, I suppose, and if their system truly picks logged in users at random as claimed (and I have no reason to doubt that) it is a fair one.

I don't have a solution, and I fully admit that I'm just using this post as a place to kick the dirt and complain a little.  I'm sure I'll make up for this by going to a bunch of smaller, closer cons throughout the year (there's certainly no shortage of them now), and the San Diego show is big and loud and crowded and all sorts of other things I tend to hate.  But just as Elvis fans feel the pull to make their pilgrimages to Graceland, geeks are called to San Diego.  It's just the thing you do, and it feels weird to be left out of what should be your own party.

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