I got too busy with life and work and all manner of other things to point it out on the day itself, but yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of Trusty Plinko Stick.
No big backwards-looking, clipshow post, no pronouncements of things to come, just a thank you to everyone who has read this thing in the past, reads it now, or may read it in the future. This has never been one of the big comics / pop culture blogs, and it hasn't led to much in the way of big, exciting changes in my life or career, though to be honest that was never really the point here. Mostly I just wanted a little soapbox to rant at the world from, and I'm thankful for any of the time you have spent indulging me with your attention this past decade.  I thought it would last maybe a month or two before I got sick of the foolish thing. I love proving myself wrong.

Thanks, folks!