New Batgirl. New Batgirl! NEW BATGIRL!

Art by Babs Tarr; posted without the permission of MTV, but used with love and admiration so hey guys, maybe please don't sue me.  Also, show more videos again. And reruns of Remote Control or Just Say Julie.
As you probably heard if you were anywhere near the comics readin' portions of the inter-ma-nets this week, DC is revamping Batgirl starting with issue #35, with the new creative team of writers Cameron Stewart and Brendan Fletcher, artist Babs Tarr, and colorist Jordie Bellaire.  It was exactly the sort of comics-related announcement I love... a lot of people were excited, fan art and cosplay plans started popping up almost immediately, all the right people were happy, and all of the right people were angered and let you know it, which made unfollowing them on social media so much easier.  Thanks for the assist, haters!

As you can probably guess, I fall firmly in the "excited for it" camp.  As I've said many times before, so much of the DC Universe has been a joyless, depressing slog since the New 52 reboot began.  Even the books I was enjoying at first soon got dragged down into the doom and gloom, too, and became so un-fun to read that for most of the last year or two, the only DC-published books I've read with any regularity have been the "off brand" digital-first stuff like Batman '66 or Adventures of Superman.  Though there were two New 52 books that lured me back into the pool, recently, and those were Jeff Lemire's Green Arrow and Francis Manapul's Flash.  They were good, clever, and really took advantage of the rebooted DCU to give fresh spins on familiar territory.  I've enjoyed what I've read of them so far, which was especially surprising because I've never been much of a Green Arrow fan, and in the original continuity I was pretty sure that the only interesting thing Barry Allen ever did as the Flash was die (I was always more of a Wally guy).

They gave me some hope that if these books could thrive, even if just for a little while, something else fun could one day bloom from out of the New 52's darkest depths.  And it looks like something finally is, though the fact that it's coming out of the Batman corner of things, which has been not only dour but bogged down in Perpetual Crossover almost since the very beginning, is unexpected.  Getting an upcoming peripheral book like Gotham Academy (also co-written by Fletcher with Becky Cloonan) was surprising enough, but to get something like this starring an established, high-profile member of the Batman Family... you could've knocked me over with a feather.  But I'm happy about it.  I love the sound of the premise, the attitude behind it (some complain this sounds more like Steph Brown than Babs Gordon; I say that's not a bad thing), and especially the costume redesign, which is as functional as it is badass.

I'm more excited for this book than I have been for any DC book in a long time, even though I'm well within the audience for whom the majority of their current books are allegedly written.  It's heartening to see that I'm not alone.

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