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Continuing on the Star Trek theme - because when I fixate, I fixate hard - I went to Boston for my very first Star Trek convention in Boston this past weekend.  I've been to quite a few comic (or mostly comics-related) cons in the past, but this was the first such event I've been to devoted to something that is largely based in another medium, the first focused on a specific property, and the first put on by convention-producing giants Creation Entertainment (they did put on a con in my home town as a kid, but I didn't go;  legend has it it was sparsely attended - this was central Maine after all - so they never came back).

I was looking forward to it, but really didn't know what to expect, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping that it'd be at least a little bit like Shatner's famous "Get a Life!" SNL sketch.  It was not like that at all, obviously, but what I did encounter was mostly positive, but there were a few disappointments.

Garrett Wang holding court in-between sessions. I get the desire for Trek actors to come back for the con circuit now... people treat them like damn rock stars!

The biggest was the cancellations.  Kate Mulgrew, Scott Bakula, and Avery Brooks were all scheduled to attend at one point or another, but all had to cancel due to other engagements.  Karl Urban and Bruce Greenwood similarly cancelled.  So that's 3 Captains (4, if you count Greenwood) and the entire NuTrek presence that had been promised and all had to back out.  I'm not angry, and I'm certainly not blaming them, life happens sometimes, but it was still a letdown.  Creation got some replacement guests in where they could (Walter Koenig, Nana Visitor, a few others), so good on them for that, but still, it's hard not to feel let down there.

The dealers' room was small and sparse, too.  Given the universe of Trek merch out there, I expected to see a lot more of it for sale, but 2 small rooms and maybe a total of 10 dealers was it.

Scottymania - Not James Doohan, but AN INCREDIBLE SIMULATION!

And given what I've heard about Trek cosplay through the years, I expected to see a lot more of it.  What there was was generally really good - lots of TOS and TNG Starfleet costumes, a kid in a great Borg costume complete with light-up gun and spinning saw hand, a couple of folks in Niners (the DS9 baseball team) uniforms, an Andorian or two (always awesome), and a guy who looked uncannily like James Doohan.  But by and large, everyone looked more or less like me: geeky t-shirt, backpack, waterbottle, etc.

Sadly, no one dressed as members of the Vulcan Logicians to put on an exhibition game.
 I dunno, I guess I figured with a major city like Boston, it'd just be... bigger, more energetic.  Maybe the cancellations took the wind out of some people's sails.  Also, I was only able to go on the Sunday, so it might just have been the slower day.  It could be any number of things.

This isn't to say I had a bad time, though.  Despite all the naysaying above, I enjoyed myself.  Got to meet up with some rarely seen friends, saw some funny presentations / Q&A sessions with some Trek actors, got to meet Robert Picardo (who is excellent in everything because he's been in about damn near everything), bought a few cool tchotchkes (the Eaglemoss model & magazine of the USS Reliant, my favorite ship design; the Art Asylum/Previews phaser & communicator set; a paperback of Alan Dean Foster adaptations of the animated series), and generally got to commune with fellow geeky folks and further my appreciation of the whole Star Trek franchise and experience.

DIY 3D with non-hologram Robert Picardo!
It was a good day out, is what I'm saying.  And I'm jazzed for the 2016 convention (the shortened 2015 con tour isn't coming to Boston), which will be celebrating the 50th anniversary.  Plenty of time to finish rewatching TOS and making my way through DS9 for the first time, and hopefully even moving on from there.

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