RIP Jamie D

Photo by Mario Muscar
If you're a fan of comics podcasting at all, you've probably heard of Jamie Dallessandro, better known as Jamie D.  He was one of the co-hosts of Comic Geek Speak, and if the CGS guys were a super team, he'd be the Ben Grimm, the Ray Stantz, the Hunk (Voltron), the Tiny (Battle of the Planets)... the loveable lunk that's the heart of the team.

Jamie D has battled cancer for the past few years, and it saddened me (and so many others around the world who knew him, or even just knew of him) to hear that he passed away this morning.

I didn't know Jamie really well - we had only met in person a handful of times - but I enjoyed those few face-to-face conversations, and the many more we had online, often about favorite kids comics past and present, or Doctor Who.  It breaks my heart to know there won't be any more of them.

One of my favorite things about his presence on the show was how he'd always greet returning guests with a hearty "How are you doing, my friend?"  These days, "friend" is such a loaded term, often associated more with "someone I'm tangentially connected to on the internet" than actual friendship.  When you heard the word from Jamie, though, you got the feeling he really meant it, even when the connection was tangential and internet-spawned.

Whatever the next step is, I hope he's at peace.  My sincerest condolences to his family and the many people near and far who knew and loved him.  Goodbye, friend.

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