Re-Trailed: Man of Steel

Yes, more Superman talk.  I'm excited, okay?  Anyway, here's the trailer for Man of Steel recast shot-for-shot in Minecraft, combining one of my life's great obsessions with one of my son's (seriously, the kid is a Minecraft fanatic, though I don't see the appeal... and now I know how my parents felt when I'd talk about Doctor Who or Atari games all the time):

And not to be outdone, the folks at The Hub cable network redid the trailer approximately shot-for-shot (as close as they could manage, anyway) using footage from Superman: The Animated Series, but went the extra mile and recruited the original voice cast from that series to dub in the trailer's dialog.  It's a promo for a S:TAS marathon this weekend, and if I still had cable and didn't already own the whole series on DVD, I'd totally watch on the strength of this effort alone:

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