Making Comics the Veronica Mars Way?

Last week on his Tumblr, Nick Spencer shared his plans for the Supergirl run he was supposed to write but didn't get to because everything got all New 52'ed.  Basically, Kara was going to end up leading a de facto team made up of other young heroes like the Batgirl (Steph), Robin (Damian), Blue Beetle (Jaime), Static, and others (as seen in the unused Amy Reeder Justice League #1-esque cover above).  The hope was that it might lead to a new Young Justice down the line.  And here's the thing... this sounds awesome.  I don't want to say it sounds better than the comics we ended up getting instead, but it certainly sounds more in line with my particular sensibilities.  And given that Spencer wrote what I think is the best Jimmy Olsen story of at least the past 30-40 years, I'm pretty confident he'd have brought the good here, too.

So, of course, I started dreaming up scenarios in which these comics could (or did) happen.  Most involved breaking the currently known laws of physics, and at least one followed the plotline of Misery a little more closely than is healthy.  But then I remembered Veronica Mars.

Unless you've been in a coma or, you know, just don't care, you probably know that Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas is going to at last make the long-dreamed-of series-continuing/ending movie thanks to a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign that raised it's $2 million goal in less than a day.  This has made a lot of people very happy, because yay more Veronica, but it has also made a lot of other people very angry because a major studio managed to get a project funded via an outlet that ideally should be used by smaller, less Global Multimedia Conglomerate Monolithy creators to make their ideas a reality.  While I certainly understand that latter sentiment and wonder how it will change the entire crowdsourcing model for good or ill... yay, more Veronica!

But if said Global Multimedia Conglomerate Monolith could make one of their dreamed of projects a reality by going directly to the fans who want to see it, couldn't they do it again?  What's to stop DC from saying "You want to see Nick Spencer's Supergirl, more Steph Brown Batgirl by Bryan Q. Miller, some Ted Kord Blue Beetle stories, comics set pre-Flashpoint/pre-COIE/pre-anything?  If enough of you pony up enough up front to make it profitable, we'll put it out."  Or Marvel could source funding for, say, Essential editions of Master of Kung Fu, Micronauts, Rom, Shogun Warriors, or whatever... donate enough to re-secure the character rights, produce the book, and turn a profit, and it's all yours.

I'm not saying I think this is going to happen, nor do I necessarily think it should - sooner or later, diminishing returns will kick in and you'll get people begging for your support to reprint and complete Sonic Disruptors or something - but thanks to Rob Thomas and company, that cat's out of the bag and at the very least the possibility exists.  Maybe that's a good thing. 

And it certainly cuts down on the possibility of me smashing John Rogers's legs with a sledge hammer so he'll stop thinking about escape and just write me more Blue Beetle stories, dammit.  That has to be a plus.

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