How does 200 pages of comics for the low, low price of Free Ninety-Free sound?

So the fine folks at Action Lab, publishers of such diverse bits of comic bookery as the superhero series Fracture, horror one-shot Snowed In, time travel/slice of life graphic novella Back in the Day, and the multiple Eisner-nominated all ages series Princeless have released Action Lab Confidential, a 200+ page anthology chock full of preview material for their existing and upcoming books.  It's available for download over at their site - and a few other digital comics outlets I forget right now, so if you have a favorite, check there - for zero dollars and zero cents.  Not one shekel.  Cheap as free!  How do you beat that?  I've met a lot of these folks, and they're good people making comics because they love comics, plain and simple.  Support a good cause - fun comics for a wide variety of audiences.  It'll cost you nothing but your time.

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