Pretty Sketchy: Hail to the Junior, baby.

A little while back, I won a free commission from Mike Schwartz, creator of the finished-for-now web strip Oceanverse, for ordering issue #5 of the Oceanverse comic from DCBS. Mike's a hell of a nice guy, a great artist, and Oceanverse is a lot of fun, so I was happy to order, anyway, but winning free art was icing on the cake. Anyway, having recently finished up the first (and, to date, only) Shazam Family Archives volume from DC, I had Captain Marvel, Jr. on the brain. Know how much influence Elvis Presley took from Junior, I figured it was time that influence got paid back, so I asked Mike for Junior in the style of an Elvis album cover. Well, clearly Mike delivered, mashing up the iconic titling of Elvis's debut record (even doing a good job matching the font!) and the karate-style posing of later Elvis. Yeah, I'm pretty pleased with this, and it is already hanging in a place of honor in my nerd cave.

You may remember that I have two other pieces from Mike - B'wana Beast and an Aquaman that still gets me a surprising amount blog traffic nearly 3 years after first posting it. So I'm not surprised this piece was good, but still, it blew me outta the water with awesomeness. So thank you, Mike, thankyewverymuch.

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