Most people don't realize internet cat videos were invented in Maine in 1980 to promote a bank at Christmas.

The tree is up, the lights are strung up outside, the sound of Christmas music is starting to feel like it's actually appropriate to listen to now, and the kiddo got to start in on his Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar this morning, so my favorite time of year is officially underway. But I still feel like something's missing.

Ah. That's better. This ad was created for Bangor Savings Bank in 1980 and ran on Maine TV stations for years and years, and as a result is as much a part of Christmas tradition in my mind as Charlie Brown's scraggly tree, Max the dog's one tree branch antler, and wondering what the Misfit Toy doll's deal really was (I say she cuts).

This is a vital piece of my childhood, and I'm glad someone had the smarts to upload it to YouTube so I can revisit it whenever I like. It's depressing to think these cats are probably long dead now, but I try not to focus on that, and invite you to do the same.

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