I am thankful for the Marvel/Hasbro commercials for G.I. Joe comics.

(Pop culture has brought me a lot of joy. Seeing as this is the month we talk about how grateful we are even as we greedily stuff our faces, I figured it couldn't hurt if I let the culture what is popular know how I feel about it.)

I was already reading comics by the time these first started airing, so I can't claim to be one of the scores of kids led into comic bookery by these ads, but they captured my imagination all the same. Were they just additional ads for the toyline, sneaking around FCC guidelines for animation in toy commercials by instead featuring the tie-in issues that just so happened to feature the latest figures and vehicles? Sure. But still, they're exciting, well-made, and biggest of all, they were TV commercials for comic books. That's pretty rare even today.

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