Friday Favorites: I am thankful for this sequence from All Star Superman #10

(Pop culture has brought me a lot of joy. Seeing as this is the month we talk about how grateful we are even as we greedily stuff our faces, I figured it couldn't hurt if I let the culture what is popular know how I feel about it.)

Click to Supersize, 'natch.

This page from All Star Superman #10 by Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, Jamie Grant, and Travis Lanham is easily my favorite Superman sequence ever. It's pretty quiet, whether you're judging by the rest of the series or all of Superman ever, but it's very powerful.

Also, when you think of Superman, you probably think of him catching someone (usually Lois) as they fall off a building. It's a clever take on that particular Supertrope to see him actually prevent that happening for once, and given the sort of writer Morrison is, you have to figure that's intentional.

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