Want to buy some X-Men trade paperbacks cheap? I can help.

I have the first 5 trades of Matt Fraction's Uncanny X-Men run - Manifest Destiny, Lovelorn, Sisterhood, Utopia, and Nation X - as well as the first X-Men Forever trade available for sale on eBay. Auctions end Tuesday night, so get on it!

Pretty Sketchy: You must be this tall to stomp the park.

Vacationing Godzilla here was drawn for me by Al Sparrow, a guy I know from the Comic Geek Speak forums who also writes a web strip called Thugs. He said his only regret was that he didn't think of having Godzilla step on Legoland instead. Well, I'm pretty happy with the theme park choice you made, Al. Thanks!

Readin' - finishing off the new 52 (or what I read of it, anyway)

Caught up on the rest of DC's New 52 (well, on the rest of the 13 or so books I had actually decided to read, anyway), so here's some super short reactions on those (no sense belaboring the point, seeing as the rest of the comics readin' internet's already digested and passed these by now). Maybe some spoilers, so watch out.

Aquaman #1 - I worry that Geoff Johns is actually overselling his attempt to deal with the usual "Aquaman is lame" criticisms head on. Thankfully he shows Aquaman proving why he's actually an awesome superhero, but by having everyone still outright berate him after he's saved lives might undo all the work put into the awesome parts. But still, it's a new Aquaman book, I like how the man himself is written, and surprisingly for Johns, no one has gotten eviscerated on panel yet, so I'm giving this at least a couple issues.

All Star Western #1 - Or, really, Jonah Hex 2.0, because if you liked Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti's previous Hex series, you'll dig this, too, since only really the setting is different (and neat as it is, I hope Jonah's visit to Gotham is a short one). But still, the story is off to a good start, and Moritat's artwork is amazing, so I look forward to reading more, but I'll probably catch up with it in the trade paperback, which is how I've been reading the Gray/Palmiotti Jonah Hex series anyway.

Wonder Woman #1 - Wonder Woman and all the usual Greek god stuff with a horror twist? I'm intrigued. And enough of a Cliff Chiang fanboy to want to read more if only for his artwork, though Azzarello's story is off to an interesting start. But another I'll probably trade wait on.

Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE #1 - I was really looking forward to this, especially after the Frankenstein Flashpoint mini, which was the only bit of Flashpoint I bothered with at all, and that was pretty good. This, though, was a little bit of a letdown. Not sure why, but it just didn't click with me. Even for a book with such a weird high concept, it still felt like there were a bit too many mad ideas thrown around. Maybe it'll come together better when collected. But hey, Jeff Lemire has me as a regular for Animal Man, so it's not like I'm not a fan of the guy.

Stormwatch #1 - Another high concept book that just didn't come together for me the way I hoped it would. This, though, wasn't due to the mad idea content so much as that it just felt choppy. But again, maybe it'll come together better in trade, and I have enough faith in Paul Cornell to give it a second shot then.

Blue Beetle #1 - It feels way too soon to already be rebooting the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle from square one, especially since this new version seems to lack all of the fun, easy humor, and charm of the Keith Giffen/John Rogers-written series. Pass.

Mr. Terrific #1 - I think Mr. Terrific is a great character with a lot of potential, and I was really looking forward to this book, but it just crashed and burned with me. Choppy plot, art that looked rushed, and a story that just didn't connect with me at all. Of the new DC books I read, this was probably the biggest disappointment, especially since I anticipated it so much.

Looking back on all the new 52 #1 issues I read, here's how I'd rank them:

1. Demon Knights (added to pull list)
2. Animal Man (added to pull list)
3. Batman (added to pull list)
4. All Star Western (enjoyed this a lot, but will follow in trade the way I read the previous Hex series)
5. Aquaman (giving it a few more issues to see if it'll be a regular read, trade read, or what)
6. Action Comics
7. Wonder Woman
8. Catwoman
10. Frankenstein
11. Stormwatch
12. Justice League
13. Batgirl
14. Blue Beetle
15. Mr. Terrific

"Good artists copy, great artists steal." R.I.P. Steve Jobs

56 is just too damn young.

I was never a big cult follower of his, but he was the sort of guy where I could see EXACTLY why he had such a cult following. A lot of the innovations for the Mac, like the graphical user interface and the use of a mouse, were actually pioneered by the guys at Xerox PARC, but Xerox never wanted to do anything with them for fear of diverting resources away from their copier business (oops). Jobs was smart enough to see that they were onto something, and brazen enough to use it. A lot of people will call him a visionary. I think that's a fair assessment.

And Pixar. Pixar started as a division of ILM, but George Lucas sold it off because he didn't want animation diverting resources away from his special effect business (oops). Thanks to Jobs' drive and his willingness to let some insanely talented filmmakers use the technology to tell their stories (and show off just what that technology could do in the process), movie making was changed forever. Not just animation, mind you, but movie making.

And then, of course, there's the i... well, iEverything. iPods, iPhones, iPads... they've gone from fancy toys to absolute ubiquity in about 10 years. Name another device type that has been adopted so universally, so fast.

So long, Steve. Thanks for it all. I get the distinct impression you were a damn hard man to work for, but I can't argue with the results. And also, thanks for responding to my group member's email when we did a project on Pixar for that multimedia class I took back in college. Your response was the very model of conciseness, but you answered our questions and gave our presentation a hint of that allure that only a brush with celebrity can provide. We appreciated that.