You better stand back... there's a HURRICANE comin' through!

And, sadly, it is not professional wrestler Gregory Helms, but in fact an actual hurricane. Rhode Island doesn't get a lot of these, so a lot of people are freaking out, thanks in no small part to the news media, who are pretty much promising everything up to (and by now, maybe even including) zombies. Ever since they got huge ratings showing Katrina coverage, every storm is the next Katrina. Sigh...

All media-drive promises of an apocalypse I doubt very highly will actually come aside, if you've already dealt with Irene, I hope you made it through okay, and if you're in the path like we are, stay safe.

Man, we had tickets to go see Juliana Hatfield tonight and everything. I'ma take a page out of Helms' book and shining wizard the hell out of this actual hurricane.

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