Another Awesome Thing Canada Gave the World: The Man They Call Reveen!

Okay, according to Wikipedia, it was Australia that really gave the world hypnotist Peter Reveen, a.k.a. Reveen the Impossibilist, a.k.a. The Man They Call Reveen, but Canada is where he's most famous, so I say it counts.

Anyway, one of the joys of growing up near Atlantic Canada was getting some of their TV commercials in the daytime, since some of our channels broadcast up there (and we used to get CBC, too, which is why I still hope to one day have hair just like Nick from The Beachcombers). And right around the mid-to-late 80s, one of the stations ran a lot of ads for Reveen's touring stage show as it hit the Maritime provinces, and something about them really seemed to captivate my entire middle school.

Maine was never a hotbed of hypnotism fandom, so I figure it has to be the song, which is awesome.

Hell, he was still using that song as of 2008!

And come on, wouldn't you?

They, whomever it is They are, call him Reveen. I suppose They could be Everyone, seeing as Reveen is, in fact, the man's given surname, but whatever. He has an excellent song, he makes money making people humiliate themselves, and he makes Canadians of a certain age very excited. That's livin', friends.

And I totally want to be known as The Impossibilist from now on.

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