Toth Wheels

Panel from Hot Wheels #4, Sept.-Oct. 1970, art by Alex Toth

Even though there have been some good toy/cartoon tie-in comics over the years (Micronauts, G.I. Joe, Rom), most people tend to think of them as pretty forgettable, throwaway books. I suspect a lot of publishers and creators think that way, too. But DC's Hot Wheels series features some of the best art of Alex Toth's career, wonderfully shadowy moody masterpieces one and all. So many gorgeous panels in #4, I had to scan something from it. The above was my favorite, though it was a tough decision. The story, "Eye of the Storm," is not likely to be listed among writer Len Wein's greatest works, but every single line drawn by Toth for this story is amazing.

Hot Wheels. Who knew?

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