Comic-Non Highlights (such as they are)

Comic-Non attendance was down 50% today from yesterday (it was just me at home), but considering this thing makes no money, no one really cared.

Today's panels and activities included:
90s Fox X-Men on Netflix - Just as Cheesy as You Remember: But of all the 90s Marvel cartoons, this is still the most watchable by far (tried to watch some of the 90s Spider-Man the other day and just could not get through it at all, and I had "Spider Blood, Spider Blood, Radioactive Spider Blood" stuck in my head on repeat for DAYS).

Batman the Animated Series - Possibly Even Better Than You Remember: Hard to believe this was running on Fox at the same time as X-Men.

Gammera the Invincible - Add an Extra "M" and That Means It's an Entirely Different Movie: Also, apparently public domain. It was on the public domain channel on Roku, anyway. Hell, you can go watch the entire thing on YouTube. But, no matter how you spell it, Gam(m)era is still filled with meat.

Meanwhile, over at that other convention...

Holy crap, DC and Marvel Lego sets. We may actually need to buy two of a lot of these, because I don't know that either the kiddo or myself will want to share.

Oh, and I didn't know I needed a Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes crossover, but now I'm actually kinda wondering how I've gotten along this long without one.

Yes, please. I will take this.

Lots of good costume photos from Sandy Eggo Day One over at Rotten Tomatoes, including a sad stormtrooper and a Darkwing Duck that will haunt your nightmares. Lots of characters I don't recognize, though, but I've decided that anything I don't know, it's just some type of Pokemon.

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