Hal Jordan: Predator, Nancy's laurels, and the Honestly Greatest Franchise Mash-Ups Ever

A long time ago, I posted a rant about why I don't like the character of Hal Jordan. Based on Curt Franklin and Chris Haley's latest Comics, Everybody! strip for Comics Alliance, we're all three of us on the same page.

This particular Tumblr site is almost assuredly old news to everyone by now, but if for some reason you haven't seen it yet, I give you the simple grandeur that is Nancy Panels.

Artist James Hance recently came to prominence among the internerds for his Firefly/Muppets mash-up, but he has a lot of other wonderful artwork available in various forms, including this print:

and this t-shirt:

both of which will be mine. Mine, I tell you!

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