Want to help my friend buy a bookstore?

My friend Lacy is the manager of Rock City Books, a cool indie book store in Rockland, Maine. Recently, the owner announced her intention to retire, and has offered to sell the store to Lacy. She has a ton of ideas, a solid business plan, and her loan application in order. However, the bank does prefer you go to them with a little more cash in hand than she has at the moment, so she's trying to go the PBS route by looking for pledges. But she's not looking for a handout... if she can make a go of this, and is still in business and reasonably solvent in two years' time, she'll make a donation of the same amount you pledge to the charity of your choice.

Now, she can explain the whole situation - including why now actually isn't such a terrible time to be opening a book store - better than I can, so I suggest you visit the blog of the hopefully-soon-to-be hello hello books and read what she has to say for yourselves. If you can't lend monetary support right now, you might at least be able to offer moral support.

Help out if you can, my nerdy internet superfriends. How often can you say you actually helped someone's dream come true?

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  1. The bank loan pays interest so why would a lender not receive interest for their capital investment? If she is prepared to do that, I would bankroll her for sure.