Literal Monkee Business

Ever wonder how the Monkees could afford that awesome beach pad despite the fact they never seemed to have much money? Well, when they weren't sponging off Mike's Liquid Paper money, they did what any enterprising young rock band pre-fabricated for a zany TV sitcom would do: advertise! Here's a compilation of spots where they shlep cereal and aftershave:

(Anyone else think that Kellogg's jingle ends way too abruptly? It's off-putting.)

And here are some spots from what I assume are the early days of the show's rerun period - after Peter left but before Mike did - where they promote Kool-Aid, Nerf balls, and gag shop items. Oh, and sometimes Bugs Bunny shows up.

Yeah, I know... the hell?

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  1. I can only imagine them groaning the whole time making these. Still cool to watch though. Thanks!