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Pretty Sketchy: Hail to the Junior, baby.

Going back to the comic shop.

Most people don't realize internet cat videos were invented in Maine in 1980 to promote a bank at Christmas.

I am thankful for the Marvel/Hasbro commercials for G.I. Joe comics.

Friday Favorites: I am thankful for this sequence from All Star Superman #10

I am thankful for Craig Ferguson's musical cold opens.

Want to buy some X-Men trade paperbacks cheap? I can help.

Pretty Sketchy: You must be this tall to stomp the park.

Readin' - finishing off the new 52 (or what I read of it, anyway)

"Good artists copy, great artists steal." R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Seven. Even though this card features Eleven.

Okay, really, what ABOUT the children? - DC Comics and Young Readers

Readin' Supplemental: Catwoman #1


DCnU Math: Amanda Waller

Friday Favorites: The Elongated Man (and Sue, of course)

Pretty Sketchy: Doctors Who

Justice League #1: meet the new boss, who so far is not noticeably different from the old boss.

Another Awesome Thing Canada Gave the World: The Man They Call Reveen!

You better stand back... there's a HURRICANE comin' through!


The Protector: not Robin, but the 5th next best thing

Pretty Sketchy: The (Ginger) Ghost in the Darkness

Man without fear, but maybe at long last some hope, or at least a sense of humor.

"Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll."

Toth Wheels

Tumbling onto the bandwagon

Sweet Cuppin' Cakes (or How to Get Bill's Attention, Retail Edition)

There's new DC superhero Pez and nobody told me?

Comic-Non Highlights (such as they are)

Vaya con libros, Borders.

Time once again for the World's Least Impressive Pop Culture Non-Gathering(tm): Comic-Non International!

DC: everything old is new again, except for the stuff that isn't (I think).

They Might Be Singing When They're Winning

We want information. Information! INFORMATION! And maybe something we can dance to.

Happy Independence Day from The Shield

Cartoon Network Hates You

R.I.P. Gene Colan

Spectacular Street Art (It's a Priority)

Pretty Sketchy: Think Big!

A word from Jor-El

Major props to Marvel for this.

Hal Jordan: Predator, Nancy's laurels, and the Honestly Greatest Franchise Mash-Ups Ever