Blog business: why there is less, but will still be more (just less more).

What does this shmoe...

have in common with these folks?

Well, it's what I will have in common, eventually. I've started grad school to get my Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) degree. I'm very, very happy to finally get this underway, as it's been a major life goal of mine for some time now. But, of course, balancing grad school, even part time, with family stuff and a full-time job means that there's a lot less time to be spent on things like this here blog.

Trusty Plinko Stick isn't going anywhere, it just means posting will be less frequent. Of course, posting has been less frequent for a while now, so maybe on your end things won't look any different at all. But if it does, that's why.

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