Worth a look: the Vermont Toy and Train Museum

On a recent trip to Vermont, we stumbled upon the Vermont Toy and Train Museum located in the tourist trap men call the Queechee Gorge Village (look for the giant Cabot cheese store and kiddie train that circles the parking lot). It's a small affair located up above said Cabot store, with the train set-up and some old video games and pinball machines set up in the basement (and it's worth walking down there even if only for a game or three of Atari's 1983 Star Wars arcade game), but it's a fun helping of nostalgia chow, and definitely worth a peek if you're in the area. You'll definitely come away with a case of the I Had Thats, though, so be warned (I mean, the lunchbox cabinet alone had EVERY lunchbox from my grade school years).

Now, I only had my cell phone's camera with me at the time, and a five year old I had to repeatedly convince that these items were not for sale, so I couldn't capture everything or look as closely as I wanted, but here are a few decent pics:

A very small section of the GIANT Star Wars display.

Always dug those 60s plastic Marvel heroes, and that Mr. Magoo car is so rad.

I cannot adequately describe how badly I wanted that Shogun Warriors Godzilla as a child. Hell, goofy-looking as it is in retrospect, I'd still love to have one.

First time I ever saw a Captain Action or any of the additional outfits up close. They were surprisingly nice, considering the era. Also, gotta love the old school G.I. Joes.

Peanuts, ViewMaster, and robots , including B9 from Lost in Space and Rom (who is technically a cyborg, I know, but whatever). What's not to love?

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