Awesome Things: SPACE LINCOLN!

The original Star Trek brought a lot of concepts to our TV screens, some of the good, some of them bad, some of them so bizarre they need to be studied. One that's all three is Space Abraham Lincoln:

(All images and video from the original series episode The Savage Curtain)

You need proof that Gene Roddenberry was a visionary? He realized that there was only one way you improve upon America's most generally beloved president: you put him in space. In a comfy chair, no less. Yeah, he's eventually revealed to be an alien rock creature in disguise, but whatever.

The future presented by Star Trek seems fantastic, what with all the warp engines and food replicators and transporters and such, but I'm most looking forward to Abraham Lincoln in... OUTER SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!

And maybe space gangsters that look like Mel from Alice.

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