Left home for Nerd Prom again? No problem!

Not going to San Diego this week? Yeah, me neither. Again. Oh, well, looks like it's time once again for...

Yes, it's Comic-Non International, the least impressive pop culture gathering of the year. Go buy some comics. Schedule some screenings of your favorite nerd shows and movies and then talk about them. Express your love or distaste for the modern vampire franchise of your choice. Look at pictures of people dressed up as Leia in the bikini (remember: pictures don't mind if you leer). Dress up yourself, if you want. Or don't. Who's going to know? This is what you make of it, so if you want to make it the least impressive pantsless pop culture gathering of the year, hey, go for it (just don't feel the need to share that with me, okay?). Comic-Non is the con you're guaranteed to enjoy because you program it yourself, so go wild. Or not.


  1. The Wife6:58 PM

    Or go to Maine and have a kickass time at camp!

  2. greggray10:13 PM

    Or dress up in s/hero costume and parade outside your local baptists', sparking protest!