I don't think enough people appreciate Albert Brooks anymore.

And that's a damn shame, because bits like this:

are brilliant.


  1. When he was doing standup, he was one of my favorites. I loved his Comedy Minus One album and played it all the time. I got my timing down fairly well and got the laughs in all the right places. Sheer brilliance, that album.

    Do you know his real name is Einstein and he took Brooks from Mel Brooks, who's friends of Carl Reiner, father of Albert's friend Rob Reiner? Also, his brother is comedy writer and performer, Bob Einstein (Super Dave, Officer Judy on the Smothers Brothers show). And their father was a performer, too.

    I was totally enamored of Albert Brooks when I was a teen. I can't think of anyone funnier. As funny, yes, but not funnier.

  2. I think I read somewhere that Carl Reiner got Brooks his start because Brooks would go to his house and do comedy routines. One that I thought was funny was one where he'd pretend to be Houdini, and he'd have someone go in and make a big deal of announcing that Houdini was going to drop by and perform an amazing feat of escape, then Brooks would approach from outside, all smiley and eager to entertain, but the routine never happens because he can't figure out how to open the sliding glass door.