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Like Tegan, I missed my chance to participate in last week's Five for Friday at The Comics Reporter, which was Name Five Past or Present Comics Titles You Think Should Always Be Published, Just Because It Would Please You To See Them On The Stands (I was on vacation with the family... going for a bloggyverse participation merit badge just wasn't on the agenda at the time). Tegan posted her after-the-fact list, so I figured I'd post mine, too, since I wanted to play also, even if it isn't in the same sandbox.

1. The Incredible Hercules - There's something appealing about the heroic quest done as a smart, quirky buddy comedy.

2. Johnny Hiro - Probably my favorite comic book of the last decade, truth be told. Fred Chao's story of a young couple in love trying to make a better life for themselves in the midst of a world that routinely involves monster attacks, random Alton Brown cameos, an appearance in night court with the cast of Night Court, and hip hop artists that just come by to hang out is brilliant and unlike anything else out there (that's probably obvious).

3. Brave and the Bold / Marvel Team-Up - Basically, some sort of continuity-light superhero team-up book that takes the characters we love (known and obscure) and pairs them off to deal with wild situations that you're not going to see in the regular books. The most recent iterations of both of these titles mostly do / did this well. I want more.

4. Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam - Everything a Captain Marvel book needs to be: approachable for all ages without pandering down to anyone, full of adventure and heart, and most of all, fun. Keep Art Baltazar, Franco, and Mike Norton on this for as long as they want.

5. The Maze Agency - Monthly done-in-one fair play mysteries with fun, flirty leads in the Nick & Nora tradition. Give me back my favorite detective show-in-print, comics industry!

Honorable mentions:

Ruse - Holmesian mystery on a Victorian-styled world with just the right amounts of mystical and steampunk elements? Yes. Definitely. And get Mark Waid back in the driver's seat.

Leave it to Chance - Monsters, mysteries, and a spunky, young, dragon-owning heroine who drives a flying version of the car from Monopoly? Yeah, there's always room for that.

Thoughts? Or better yet, your own suggestions?

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