KC Carlson drops the science, son.

KC Carlson, a former DC Comics editor and current columnist for the Westfield Comics website (as well as husband of Comics Worth Reading's Joanna Draper Carlson), put into words exactly what I've been feeling about DC lately in his most recent Previews recommendations column for the Westfield site:

What, No DC Recommendations? Nope. I’m giving DC a big time-out this month for bad behavior – the publication of Justice League: Cry For Justice, Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal (especially #3), and Titans: Villains for Hire Special. These are three prime examples of the new DC, where death, maiming, children in peril (and ultimately murdered), queasy sexual undertones, sadistic torture, heroes who cold-bloodedly kill, on-screen use of hard drugs, and the general increase of torture-porn elements in its mainstream superhero titles (none of which have any kind of mature reader warnings) has caused this reviewer to stop pre-recommending DC Universe product before I see what it actually is. (That is, I no longer believe what is being fed to us in the DC solicitations.) The general darkness and hopelessness of most of the ongoing DC Universe books, including publishing a series of relentlessly grim comics under the banner of “Brightest Day” (ever hear of Truth in Advertising laws?) has now made me leery of the entire line. As a former DC editor, I am very familiar with the need for conflict to tell powerful and effective stories. However, this current trend of shock storytelling has finally crossed a line. It’s astounding to me that a company with DC’s rich history has now resorted to publishing the comic book equivalent of snuff films to regain lost market share and internet buzz.

Enough. DC – go stand in the corner until you’ve thought about what you’ve done.

And by the way, this is just me saying this – not anybody else at Westfield. So no retaliation against them. You know where I live. Westfield is still carrying the entire DC line. We’re not telling anybody not to buy their product. I’m still buying some of it. I just can’t recommend any of it in advance given the risk it might be horrible or outrageously offensive.

Pretty much the same sentiment expressed in Ambush Bug: Year None, but without the vitriol. That makes a big difference. And I think he's 100% correct. Were I certain sort of nerd, I'd say "So say we all" in my best Edward James Olmos impression (also, it'd probably help to have some sort of audio component to the post to actually get that across).

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