He hunts the biggest of all game, set dressers who hang signs incorrectly!

So the trailer for the new Green Hornet movie hit the inter-ma-web the other day, and I have to say it made me cautiously optimistic about the film. I still have no idea why this movie needs to be in 3D, and the January release date seems like a vote of no confidence from the studio, but still, I hope it'll be fun.

I've watched the trailer a few times since it was released, and the same thing jumps out at me in the beginning EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Is it a flub? Is it explained in the movie? This is definitely the least important thing in the world, and yet it vexes me so, getting me way down deep in the place where I try (and often fail) to keep my grammar pedantry hidden (not the same thing, I realize, but it feels related somehow). It's like the Stormtrooper bumping his head in Star Wars... once I saw it, I couldn't not see it, you know?

Maybe this is just my own private First World Nerd Problem.


Anonymous said…
That is actually how the sign looks on the hotel, from the street.
The Standard is one of those fancy's-itself-ultra-hip-in-an-ironic-way kinds of hotels. I think it is supposed to "mean" something, like they turn the 'standard' for cool hotels on its head or cleverness like that.
Hopefully that helps with the vexing part.
-- JauntyJohn
Bill D. said…
And now I can move on to hating it for a different reason. Thanks, JauntyJohn!
Cheltz said…
It's a fancy chain hotel, one in NYC and 2 in LA, at least. By having it upside down it means it's NOT Standard... There's a pool and beds and stuff around the bar. This time, not the fault of the film.