Dean Trippe reached into my dreams.


Now create the book to go with the cover, Dean! Or at least a print of this.


  1. I would totally buy that comic.

  2. Somehow I feel it's the right Batman and Robin, but the wrong Doctor. I'm not sure which one should go there instead. My objection isn't based on liking or disliking a given Doctor, but on which one would be the most interesting/viable combination with Batman. Maybe Pertwee? The two heroes being utterly condescending to each other could work.

    Also I feel compelled to mention this.

  3. I think Smith works, actually, though I like the suggestion of Pertwee, too. He'd totally dig the car.

    I think early Tom Baker would work, too, as would first season Sylvester McCoy. Though he'd have Mel in tow, wouldn't he? Yeesh. Never mind.

    Colin Baker would be funny here. 50s Batman would be swayed by That Outfit into thinking they could be chums, but then he's appalled by the huge bodycount and all the mercenaries in fetish gear running around and getting all the good lines.

  4. Oh man, I didn't even think of the car! Now I'm more convinced it has to be the Third Doctor: "Pack your things, Jo, we're off to the Colonies! Apparently a mysterious 'bat-man' has been seen skulking about the skyscrapers. It may be a man in a Halloween costume, but it might be a flying squad of Chiropteroids on a recon mission!"

    And meeting Bruce Wayne in Commissioner Gordon's office: "No relation to old General Wayne of Pennsylvania, are you? Now there was an ornery cuss. I remember our last argument…Tony, I said to him, don't be a mad fool, but he wouldn't listen…"

    Of course the Doctor is suspicious of the disdainful playboy Wayne, who's clearly hiding something behind his facade of jaded indolence. At some point, there'd have to be a battle of Venusian aikido and sonic screwdriver versus ninjutsu and utility belt, then they'd combine forces to save Gotham from being caught in the crossfire of a struggle between Maxie Zeus and the Axons. Trading vehicles and helpers at some point would be mandatory…

    N.B.: if Batman and Robin met the Sixth Doctor, aren't they more likely to suspect him of being Crazy Quilt II, or a new clown-based foe?