So this one time DC decided that Batgirl was too kitschy to work well within the context of the grim world of Batman, so they had the Joker shoot her, strip her naked, and take pictures of her naked, crippled body with which he'd later torture Commissioner Gordon.

And Jason Todd, the second Robin, wasn't working out, so they set up a 1-900 number poll to see if he'd live or die. He got blowed up real good.

Green Arrow tossed aside his Robin Hood hat and trick arrows and started using lethal regular arrows, occasionally to kill when he deemed it necessary, when his girlfriend got kidnapped, tortured, and possibly raped (depending who you ask). Oh, and she lost her powers for a while as a result, too, though that never seemed as important to anyone.

Adam Strange? Found a way to stay on Rann, so he was no longer a man of two worlds, only to find he'd been lied to for years by his father-in-law. Then his wife dies, and the Rann is torn apart by war.


All this is my way of reminding everyone that, ironic name aside, Brightest Day and it's associated goings on (and really, many of the major storytelling decisions DC has made since at least Identity Crisis) aren't anything we haven't seen before. I liked all of those things back then, though, at least at first.

Of course, I was 12, and I thought that going around proclaiming to everyone how adult you were actually was mature. Now, not so much.

(And with this, I'm hopefully done with dwelling on the four-color unpleasantness of the Super Friends for a while. I want to focus on, and especially read, comics that actually make me happy.)

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