Lazy Sunday Link Blogging

Still coming down from a cupcakes-&-presents high, so all's I can manage right now is a list of other things you should go read. And if you've already read 'em, then read 'em again. I don't link to bad people.

February 1966... the best month ever in comics? Well, the evidence is certainly there - Dave Ex Machina covers DC, Bully makes his Marvel, and Andrew even makes the case for Charlton (in fact, about as good of a case as anyone as ever made for Charlton beyond "Hey, it didn't turn to dust in my hand as I was reading it!").

Have you been checking out all the Art Fu that Tom Fowler, Evan Shaner, Mitch Breitweiser, Chris Samnee, Francesco Francavilla, and others have been dropping over on Comic Twart? The Johnny Quest and Thing theme weeks have been my favorites so far, but it's all been excellent.

Why hasn't anyone given Kate Beaton her own island to rule yet? As if her recent Great Gatsby and Aquaman strips weren't brilliant enough, she goes and does it again with Macbeth.

Hey, some jerk blatantly stole material from Patton Oswalt, Dave Attell, and Louis CK. Humiliate the dude should you see him perform out in the wild, okay?

And as lame as that is, I did get a kick out of Patton's story about other friends' material being stolen by people who went on to see their routines "plopped onto platinum-selling albums and yelled inside of packed stadiums." (emphasis mine) Not hard to imagine who he's talking about there, and just one more reason for me to hate the guy to whom he's very likely referring.

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