Are you ready for some, um, links, I guess?

Man, even Hank Jr. would have a hard time making that line sound exciting. Anyway, links to things you may have already seen, but should make an effort to check out if for some reason you haven't.

(BTW, each of this is via a whole bunch of other sites, and it'd take me far too long to list everyone. If you think I found the link through you, I probably did, so consider yourself well-and-truly-thanked.)

Faith Erin Hicks has created what is now very likely my favorite X-Men story ever.

Cliff Chiang draws The Archies for The Hero Initiative.

If one of you wanted to buy that for me when the auction is underway, I'd be very grateful.

The Facts in the Case of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, as clear a summary of all the anti-vaccine hysteria as you're likely to find, though probably not the sort of thing you'll enjoy if you think Ace Ventura and a former Playmate of the Year are credible scientific sources.

(Okay, maybe that's a little unfair, Ms. McCarthy is obviously a caring - if naive and sadly misled - parent, and I'd move heaven and earth to help my son, too, so I can sympathize a bit, but still, using celebrity to promote dangerous beliefs that are in direct opposition to all scientific proof is something I cannot support.)

A Tribute to DIY Manga.

Are these Lego minifigs really real things that I can buy? Because I think the kiddo and I each need a little Lego luchadore.

Hey, Katie Cook's got a cute monster webcomic now!

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