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A Book You Need: The Ultimate Guide to G.I.Joe 1982-1994 (2nd ed.)

Happy Towel Day to Hoopy Froods Everywhere.

Pretty Sketchy: Firestar by Comfort Love

More than seven thoughts about the current season of Doctor Who (so far).

You should go: The Maine Comics Arts Festival is today!

Are you ready for some, um, links, I guess?


Still More About the Atom.

And now a brief word of commentary on a recent comic book, poorly rendered in MS Paint and containing a potential spoiler.

Pretty Sketchy: Herc and Cho (with pup in tow)

R.I.P. Frank Frazetta

Better Late Than Never Reviews: 5/10/10 Rapid Fire Edition

Remember, it's Mother's Day.

Don't be so quick to malign 90s Aquaman. For one thing, he might stab you.

Unabashed Self-Promotion: "My Own Private (Analog) Idaho" at Sounds Good Ink

Pretty Sketchy: Tigra by Ryan Dunlavey

Lazy Sunday Link Blogging