Unabashed Self-Promotion: "The Bubblegum Defense" on Sounds Good Ink

My first article for Sounds Good Ink, a music blog run by my friend (and old roommate's brother) Justin Stover, just went up, and it'd be just swell if you checked it out, please and thank you. It's part of a rotating feature called Pop Rox, in which various folks talk about the music in their lives, and will hopefully be a quasi-regular thing for me (provided Justin keeps liking my stuff and I can keep my act together, anyway).

But mostly it's the defense of a particular way of life. Or at least the right to eke some enjoyment out of music most people deride.

Check out the rest of the site, too. Justin and co. are working their butts off to make it as good as possible, and there have been a lot of great articles and interviews posted so far (including this one with Trusty Plinko Stick Hall of Famer* Juliana Hatfield). And I'm not just saying that so I'm allowed to write more stuff (though if it helps my case at all... ).

An honor bestowed upon her just now, in case you were wondering.

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