Ring a ding ding

So as part of it's ongoing plan to sell more comics by offering collectible tchotchkes to fans who buy certain comic books, DC is offering up a White Lantern ring to people who buy the upcoming Brightest Day #1. It's definitely a fun promotion, and the rings themselves are pretty cool - I have the recent Green Lantern ring (even though I don't generally read Blackest Night) and the Flash ring certainly helped convince me I should pre-order the new Flash #1 - but I am left scratching my head over one aspect of all this. There's a new Legion of Super-Heroes book coming soon. People are buying books specifically to get these plastic rings. Legionnaires all wear flight rings.

My math fu is generally pretty weak, but this seems pretty obvious to me. No announcement has been made yet, though, and to my knowledge DC hasn't answered any questions posed to them about the possibility. Blogger Svengali Lad has suggested fans take (polite, responsible) action in this regard and send postcards to DC in the hopes of letting them know that there is an interested audience for this, similar to the recent campaign to get Wonder Woman's book restored to it's original numbering with issue #600. And what the hell, it couldn't hurt. So if this sort of thing interests you, consider sending a nice, concise - and again, POLITE - postcard message to:

c/o Dan DiDio
1700 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

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