And now a few words from people telling you how to live your life.

So you if you were watching cartoons on a weekday morning or afternoon within the broadcast area of Boston cable/UHF superstations WLVI (Channel 56) or WSBK (TV38), you likely saw each of these maybe 10 times a day.

This first one takes place on Mahs. You know, Mahs? The planet that's wicked red? (Incidentally, there's a much better copy of this also on YouTube but embedding is disabled on that one.)

Burger King spokescharacter Snuffy the Talking Fire Engine burns off (so to speak) some court-mandated public service time with this ad. IIRC, the scenes in this were taken from a longer fire safety film I remember watching in grade school.

A well-oiled Tin Woodsman sings about proper heart care and maintenance.

There were about 100,000 Better Business Bureau ads. I posted a few of them a while back, and here's another.

This one kind of requires you to forget that frogs don't actually have teeth.

(There was an even better ADA ad with Tarzan which posited that pain from a life of improper dental hygiene was the cause of his famous jungle yell, but of course I can't find that one right now.)

The Dairy Council not only wants to remind you to eat from each of the food groups every day, they're gonna drop a little Poe on you while they do it.

And finally, this one. I think it speaks for itself.


  1. I didn't have TV38 when these ads were out (and thanks to weird cable exclusitvity laws I don't have it now), but I do remember a few. There were a few with the Looney Tunes characters, one of which I saw a full version of once on an episode of Captain Kangaroo. (Original Captain.) And of course the one with the Droids, but they were my favorite part of Star Wars

  2. I enjoy my occasional visits here; Crom only knows where you get some of these ideas for columns, but one imagines they bounce around in your noggin a while sometimes...and others (related to new comics) seem to spew out in quick response. Always enjoy the gently needling sarcasm :-)

  3. Anonymous11:07 AM

    It's better than good, it's Yummy and Not Bad!


    We didn't have cable either. However, I did grow up in the Boston area, so we got WLVI and WSBK over the air, which was amazing. Oh, man, local UHF tv. Good times. Perhaps you also remember the constant ads for the Puppet Showplace Theater, narrated by a strangely threatening-sounding Jamaican man who told you that, to get there, you could "walk... or driiiive... or take the TEEEEEEEEEEEE-AH"