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Jay Vs. Conan, the Chinese animated simulation!

I would play the hell out of that game. And incidentally, though I don't watch either show and therefore don't technically have a horse in the race, I do think what NBC is doing to Conan is a dick move.

Aw, man, Marvel is ending S.W.O.R.D. with issue 5. I really liked the first issue and was really looking forward to the first collection. I swear I must be the harbinger of death for comic books. I take an interest, they get canceled. Doesn't even matter if I read 'em in monthly or trade, as soon as I take an interest, bam, dead. You have a book you really like? Keep me the hell away from it.

Lots if information and sample images about Paul Levitz's TWO upcoming Legion of Super-Heroes books. Maybe too much, too soon, but I just don't care because it all sounds so good. Besides, the Legion kept 2 books afloat all through the 90s (and for a bit in the 80s, at least until Tales of... started just reprinting the Baxter run), so it's not like this is unprecedented.

Samples of a long lost strip (that apparently never made it to syndication) by Stan Drake and Bill Yates called Annie's L'il Orphans. The blog post is titled "Shades of Liberty Meadows," and the comparison is apt, seeing the mix of realistically (if idealized) women and cartoony smaller characters (kids instead of animals, but still) occupying the same strip. Fun to see, though, and man, Stan Drake could draw him some wimmens, huh?

(You can find a lot of these for sale here, by the way, if you have the means. Wish I did!)

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