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Pretty Sketchy: The Big Red Cheese and the Small Angry Worm

Behold the Apple tablet!

My only complaint about an otherwise great book.

And now, just because...

Long May You Run

Newbury Comics Flash Sale (as in unexpectedly announced sale, not anything to do with Jay, Barry, or Wally)

Stuff you may have seen elsewhere, but then again maybe not.

Better Late Than Never Reviews: 1/18/10 Edition. Now with more Dutch.

Allons-y: some rambly, long after-the-fact thoughts about The Waters of Mars and The End of Time

Some days you need a little Shirley Manson.

RIP Art Clokey

Pretty Sketchy: 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten

The Three Most Influential TV Shows of My Youth

Oh, okay, fine... my favorite comics of the decade.

Better Late Than Never Reviews: 1/4/10 edition

A simple list of things I enjoyed in 2009.