Nostalgia Chow: More Childhood TV Moments

The Hercules and Willie Whistle clips the other day sent my brain reeling into all sorts of televisual memories, and thanks to YouTube, I can foist them onto the rest of you, maybe even re-awaken them in those of you who experienced this stuff in parallel.

First of all, from the Boston's late, great WLVI, Channel 56, here's the intro to a Saturday afternoon institution, The Creature Double Feature:

I never watched this as often as I would have liked, since my parents seemed to think my Saturdays were better spent playing sports I wasn't good at in organized leagues with kids I spent most of the rest of the week trying to avoid (on more than one occasion, I've asked my mom whose side was she on, anyway), but this intro (especially the song) is burned into my brain for all time.

A little more WLVI goodness here, some PSAs (including the old school Boston Museum of Science ad that ran for years and years) and a morning programming promo (for Bozo the Clown and Battle of the Planets) narrated by Dale Dorman, a disc jockey who was pretty much the voice of Channel 56 for years:

And now here's the late, great Eddie Driskoll, all-around on-air personality for WLBZ, Channel 2 in Bangor, Maine, to bring things a little closer to home (and my neighborhood, in fact, as Eddie lived just a few streets away), with a promo for his afternoon movie program, The Great Money Movie:

(They used to air a lot of those movies made up of stitched together TV episodes like Spider-Man and Battlestar Galactica on GMM, which I'd always tune in for. The only better week of programming was their annual Planet of the Apes week).

Here's Eddie doing an ad for local pizza chain Napoli's:

Apparently this Godfather was from downeast Sicily (even growing up in Maine, it still makes me laugh to hear anyone say "Bangaw" or "Bah Hahbah."