Iron in his thighs? Um, Hercules, you might want to have that checked. Could lead to a clot.

Hey, lookee here, it's the Mighty Hercules in "Medusa's Sceptre"

I always loved these as a kid. I'm not quite sure where I saw them - I wanna say The Willie Whistle Show on Boston's WSBK, TV38, but I'm not 100% certain - but I think they may have made about a hundred million of these since it seems like they were on a whole lot. Limited animation - and plot - aside, I always liked the character designs (there's a whole lot of this Hercules in the Timm/Dini Superman, isn't there?) and how you got an entire adventure in just 5 minutes. I never really understood why a guy as buff as ol' Herc here needed a ring to get his powers (though I remember running around with a red garbage bag tie on my finger pretending it was the ring of Hercules), nor why he ran off crazylegs-style at the end of every single cartoon, but hey, it was good stuff, and it holds up surprisingly well, annoying centaur sidekick aside.

And did you see in the credits that the theme song was performed by Johnny Nash?

And hey, speaking of The Willie Whistle Show, here's a clip:

Watching that now, I can only think DEAR SWEET LORD IN HEAVEN THAT SHOW WAS TERRIFYING! How I watched that every day without becoming an official, card-carrying coulrophobe I'll never know.

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  1. Anonymous7:07 PM

    According to Modern Masters Vol 3: Bruce Timm, he actually did base Superman on the old Hercules cartoon. (it starts right at the end of page 54)

    I used to love this cartoon as a kid. There was literally a thirty-year gap between seeing it for the last time on local TV in 1974 and finding it on Comcast On Demand in 2004 (though I never forgot about it), and I still love it, despite (or maybe because of) its hokeyness.