Hot Button Comics Internet Discussion Issue of the Moment!

Ever since last week, the blogs and message boards have been ablaze with controversy about some Green Lantern/Blackest Night booby picture that some retailer posted which was then spread to the world at large by an internet comics gossip columnist of some infamy or renown, depending on your opinion, I suppose (though the idea that an interner comics gossip columnist can achieve a degree of either status always struck me as rather silly). Having been busy throughout the holiday weekend, I never gave it much thought, but seeing as it is still a hot button issue, I do feel compelled to make my contribution to the topic of Blackest Night-related booby photos:

I mean, I'm certainly willing to give the people what they want, though I'm still not sure I completely understand all the drama.

(Yes, that was a long way to go for a very dumb joke. No, I am not sorry.)

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