And then there was the time Atari ruined everyone's Christmas.

I can't imagine a gift leading to more Christmas morning (or Hanukkah evening) tears than the E.T. game for the Atari 2600.

It apparently took Atari thousands of years to win back the holiday goodwill of humankind.

But honestly, decent as the ports of Ms. Pac-Man and Jungle Hunt were, there was no making up for that E.T. game.


  1. I liked the E.T. game. Yeah, that's right, I'm the one.

  2. The Pac-Man port almost matches it, though.

  3. You are right. That game was so F'n HARD! I don't think Rainman could have beat it if he had the reflexes of the Flash and the determination of "That kid with the Oreo cookie"

  4. I've been glad to read about the game sucking so bad on so many blogs the last few years. I had the game as well when I was 8 or 9, and I thought I was just bad at it. No, it was the game all along. What a relief!

  5. Mike - Don't feel bad. As apparently the only person alive who liked the Superman game for the 2600, I can relate.

    David - While the 2600 Pac-Man is pretty awful, it has an awkward, poorly made charm I enjoy, like it was a second grade class's attempt at adapting Pac-Man for the home market.

    Jeff - I could sometimes beat it on the easy setting, but the second the FBI dude and the candy-stealing scientist (what was his deal, anyway?) entered the picture, forget it. And then I could never find the arbitrary landing spot... gets me mad just thinking about it.

    Philly - Everyone had the game (because you could always find it for like a dollar), and everyone sucked at it. You're among friends here. It won't hurt you anymore!

  6. Yeah, I played E.T. a lot too, and generally enjoyed it. Then again I also really liked "Space Attack".